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We must all do what we can to protect our planet ...

What we have done so far...

Made our products carbon neutral

To do this we have done something called carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting means that we calculate the amount carbon used in the production of our products, from sourcing the materials to how we run our business to getting the products to you. The amount of carbon emissions generated in this process is then offset by specialist programs that are tackling the climate crisis. We worked with Climate Partner to achieve the status of carbon neutral products.

Climate Partner give you a variety of projects that you can help, we chose the project which was set up to introduce Clean wind energy to Brazil. Not only has this project created a clean, sustainable energy source for the future it has also provided a lot of jobs, education and support for the communities around it.

“This carbon offset project comprises the implantation and operation of 14 wind power plants in the states of Piauí and Pernambuco in the northeast of Brazil. The clean and renewable electricity delivered to Brazilian Interconnected System by the project provides an important contribution to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon dioxide emissions that otherwise would have occurred in the absence of the project, through fossil fuel-based electricity generation.

The relevant socioeconomic and environmental co-benefits of this project are also listed to reflect the important actions that are been implemented alongside with the energy generation. The project’s specific focus on the necessities of the local communities through collective construction helps to transform realities and collaborate to a legacy in the territory generating shared value for the stakeholders.

Since wind energy is created without burning fossil fuels, it is considered emission-free. The growth of renewable energy production is essential to limiting global warming and securing energy supplies for the future. The amount of emissions saved by a wind power project is calculated using the baseline method: how much CO2 would be released by generating the same amount of energy using standard energy production methods for the region?”

so far we have offset

kg CO2

since we began our journey in 2022.

Our Products

Sourcing the Seeds

We source our seeds from reputable growers in Europe. We ensure all of our seeds are open pollinated as this helps prevent disease and is a more natural process. All the seeds we use are tested to ensure they are of the best quality. If seeds aren’t available to us we will try to replace them with like for like seeds or similar seeds rather than source them else where. 

Peat Free

We only use peat free compost in our kits. Replacing it with a more sustainable option.

“Protecting peatlands is one of the most important natural ways of healing climate harm. These special landscapes store carbon, control flooding and create homes for wildlife.” – National Trust


As we specialise in creating gift packs we feel it is important to think about the longevity of the product you receive. We include a lot of reusable elements, all of our sacks are designed to be eye-catching and something that you can use again and again even if it is not for storing your seeds. The pouches are resealable so you can store your seeds in them. The pots and labels can be used again and again for years to come. Or they can be recycled if you wish to do so. 

What we are looking at next...

There are always ways to improve

We all know there is more that we can do and we aren’t all perfect, there are always ways to improve and lessen the impact that we are having. We will continue to research more sustainable packaging materials, and push ourselves to do everything we can to lessen the impact on the planet. Whilst keeping you up to date with what we are doing along the way. We are only at the very start of our sustainability journey and there are a lot more things we can do.