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Taste of the World Ground Coffee Gift Set

10 carefully selected blends of ground coffee from around the world to showcase the variety of flavours from different regions.

  • 10 different ground coffee blends
  • Hand Roasted in Yorkshire
  • Tasting notes and brewing guide
  • Ideal gift for the coffee lover
  • 100 Cups of Coffee
  • Individually Packed to ensure freshness

Our sack contains a range of different blends from rich, 100% Arabica Costa Rican beans, which are great for your morning coffee. To mild flavoured, lightly roasted Brazilian Santos beans.


What's inside?

10 coffees from around the world

Brazilian Santos from Brazil
Mahogany from Honduras, Costa Rica & Colombia
Colombian Excels from Colombia
Mocha Djimmah from Ethiopia
Costa Rican from Costa Rica
Old Brown Java from Indonesia
Espresso Milano from Vietnam & Brazil
Monsoon Malabar from India
Kenyan AA from Kenya
Sumatra Mandheling from Indonesia

Hand Roasted
In Yorkshire

All of our coffee is roasted by hand in Yorkshire to ensure we are getting the best out of the beans.

Gift Sack

Your Coffees come in a beautifully presented gift sack with eye catching traditional design.


We pack each variety in a seal protective atmosphere to keep it is fresh as possible.

Tasting Notes
& Brewing Guide

Your Scott & Co Coffee Bean Sack comes with a range of coffees, each variety has detailed tasting notes and information on where the beans originated from. Also included is an easy to follow quick brewing guide for how best to enjoy your coffees.